Saturday, April 12, 2014

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You can expect to see what's happening in Earth and Life Science! Most of the projects students complete can be found on my webpage for Earth and Life science.

April activities in Earth science included edible landslides, & eroding limestone.  The angle of repose was sought by 6th grade students in their simulated mudslides and landslides.

7th graders participated in plant scavenger hunts, and "Fun in Fungi" book sharing with the second grade.
Note the woody stem identified by this group of 7th graders on their recent plant scavenger hunt (Photo at left)  Those on the right have located a gymnosperm.  
 Other students who have permission to post photos on the web can send Mrs. S. and email showing your plant "finds."

After break, 7th Grade life science students will:
After break, 6th Graders will:
  • Create an experiment in the center courtyard that demonstrates their knowledge of soil, erosion, weathering, & mass movement. They will dress accordingly, and "get dirty!"
  • The dirt on Dirt.
  • Their final unit will investigate the Earth's water sources.  An upcoming project:  Will there be enough fresh water?
  • The year will culminate with the 
  • Details to follow!

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